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Volunteer Spotlight

Amanda Wallwin ’02

As the current Chief of Staff for New York State Assemblymember Dan Quart, Amanda Wallwin ’02 has been responsible for negotiating compromises between community groups and for building strong coalitions to support legislative initiatives. After returning to Vassar College this past summer for her 15th reunion, Amanda decided to accept the volunteer position of Class Fund Chair.

You were recently back on campus for your 15th reunion. How has Vassar College changed?
The biggest changes I noticed on campus were all the building renovations - the new Avery theatre building, the Science Bridge, the Jewett renovations, and all the other small shifts in the landscape. It was great to see how the campus has changed since we were there while still holding onto the same spirit we knew back then.

What made you decide to volunteer as a Class Fund Chair for The Vassar Fund?
I volunteered as a Class Fund Chair because I realized that as connected as I felt to Vassar, I wasn’t actually integrating that connection into my giving. Serving as a Class Fund Chair felt like a way to change that, but I also thought that might give me some helpful insights into how to engage classmates who are in the same place I was.

How have you volunteered for Vassar before?
I’ve served as an Admissions volunteer, interviewing Brooklyn Vassar applicants.

What is your inspiration/reason for giving back to Vassar?
Vassar was so many different things for me - it was a place for intellectual development, of course, but it was also where I started to figure out my place in the world. It’s where I laid the groundwork for a career and a life that I love - one that I never would have had otherwise. I was inspired to volunteer for the Vassar Fund because I want to make sure that future generations of students have those same opportunities that I did.