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Support the Vassar Fund

Join a team of Class Agents Supporting the Vassar Fund

An easy and fun way to (re)connect with your classmates.

Class Agents seek to generate gifts to The Vassar Fund through peer-to-peer solicitation. Two key goals of the Class Agent program are to increase class participation and to keep individual classmates connected to each other and the College.

Here’s all it takes to be a class agent:

  • Select a small group of 10 or more classmates to contact in the Fall and in the Spring.
  • Ask classmates to make an annual gift of any amount to The Vassar Fund.
  • Relay feedback from your classmates to The Vassar Fund team.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Joe Mastracchio by calling (845) 437-5420, or email him at and The Vassar Fund team will send you a copy of the Volunteer Handbook.

One of the most important privileges of a Vassar education is the power to pass it on. Together, we can sustain the richness of the educational experience that has always been, and continues to be, uniquely Vassar.