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Sample Email Introduction and Thank You Letter

Sample Email Introduction

You may wish to use the following text as a guideline for composing your initial correspondence to alumnae/i:

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. X:

[Indicate how you found his/her name and why you are contacting him/her]
I found your name through the Vassar alumnae/i online directory and am interested in speaking with you about your [organization/position/industry/career path/graduate school program].
I found your name through the Vassar alumnae/i online directory. I would really like to talk to you about what you do and how you view your career in [industry].
In a recent phone conversation, Mr. X of ABC organization suggested that I contact you to learn more about [industry] positions.

[Indicate your interests in the career/educational area of the alumna/us]
My interests in [organization/position/industry/graduate school program] stem from ________. My experience [provide examples] has taught me [skills relevant to industry] which has only furthered my desire to learn more about this area.

[State your goals and how you will follow up]
At this time, I am pursuing a summer internship in [industry], and would appreciate any advice you could provide.
At this time, I am looking for a full-time job and am confident that your advice will prove to be an asset to my search. Please email me at [email address] so that we may arrange a mutually convenient time to speak.
My main goal is to gather more information about [industry] as I begin to think about directions for my future. I will be in the [geographic location] during [this time], and would love to meet for coffee or an informal lunch.

Your Name

Sample Thank You Letter

When an alumna/us has assisted you, it is appropriate to follow up with a note of thanks. You may wish to use the following text as a guideline for composing thank you letters to alumnae/i:

Dear Ms./Mr./Dr. X:

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about career opportunities in publishing at Simon and Schuster. I learned a great deal about Simon and Schuster and am more convinced than ever that my qualifications are a perfect fit for the publishing industry. I also enjoyed hearing more about your graduate studies in publishing at Columbia.

I plan to take your advice and send my resume to Human Resources; thank you for suggesting that I mention your name in my cover letter. I will keep you updated on my progress and plans.

Again, thank you for being willing to network with students; I truly appreciate the assistance you have been able to provide.

Your Name