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Show Your Spirit with Vassar Masks!

Wearing the right mask is one of the most critical lines of defense against the spread of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean your mask has to be boring. Thanks to the Vassar Communications team, students, faculty, and staff are sporting colorful and creative masks that carry a message.

More than 17,000 three-ply masks, with filter pockets, were delivered to the campus in August. Every student and employee at the college received five masks, each carrying a different design by the Office of Communications. The team considered more than 15 designs before settling on the final ones—and they proved to be hits! When the designs were revealed on social media, alumnae/i and parents clamored to get them. The Vassar College Store responded by making the masks available online.

The masks carry a safety theme. Two proclaim, “I Wear This Mask for You.” One carries the Vassar logo with the words, “I've Got You Covered.” Another pays tribute to Vassar Together, the effort that established the protocols and procedures for reopening the campus, and the fifth has a full-color, aerial view of the campus with the Vassar logo and the message, “Masks Save Lives.”

Supplies are limited.

Order now and show your Vassar spirit!