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AAVC Corner

In Praise of Helping Hands

Vassar’s Career Development Office (CDO) has been a critical partner in our efforts to connect with students and recent graduates as they find their way after Vassar. One of the populations the CDO supports is first-generation, low income, and/or undocumented students in the Transitions program. Transitions offers year-round workshops on applying to graduate school, internships, and jobs; time management; salary negotiation; budgeting; apartment search, and more.Two of Vassar’s most valuable assets are its people and the networks they form. We alums are generous when it comes to extending a helping hand to those who come after us. After all, we benefited in countless ways from the many helping hands that were extended to us by the Vassar grads who preceded us.

Last month, the CDO, along with the Office of Alumnae/i Engagement, hosted Transitions Futures, a program designed to help juniors and seniors maximize their remaining time at Vassar and plan for life after college.

You bet alums stepped up to help--16 in all!

Some served as panelists, discussing their triumphs and challenges after college, how they found jobs or help in applying to graduate or professional school, and what life lessons they gleaned during their time at Vassar. Transitions juniors and seniors were also able to network with many other Transitions alums who participated. There is no better inspiration for life beyond Vassar than those who have come before, and these alums, who have accomplished so much despite early obstacles, are true role models.

The Vassar Club of Southern California was one of six regional clubs that recently welcomed new grads.

Regional clubs also provide critical hubs for Vassar alums, including Vassar’s most recent grads. The college has a tradition of celebrating graduating classes 100 nights before and after Commencement, and, last month, 100 Nights After: Welcome to the City events were hosted in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, DC, and Philadelphia. Alums in those cities welcomed members of the class of 2019 and other recent grads had the chance to reunite and network.

Both Transitions Futures and 100 Nights After are proof positive of the ties that bind a worldwide Vassar community. Students and alums can always turn to Vassar networks as resources for mentoring, networking, friendly faces, and helping hands.

Thanks to all who stepped up to help. And best of luck to Vassar’s newest and soon-to-be-graduates! Let us know how we can help!

Vassar always,

Stephen Hankins ’85, P’13, ’17
President, Alumnae/i Association of Vassar College

Photo courtesy of Annie Creech '13.

Posted by Office of Communications Wednesday, September 11, 2019