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Alumnae/i at the Hoops!

The men’s game was close. Both teams wanted to win!

The men’s Gray Team defeated the Burgundy, 93-82, and the women’s Burgundy topped the Gray, 41-25, in the annual alumnae/i games—this year held on Saturday, February 2 at the Athletics and Fitness Center.

The men’s game pitted alums who had played for former coach Michael Dutton between 1995 and 2008 and those who had played either before or after Dutton’s tenure. Gray shooting guard Tyson Brazell ’08 said the game was close before his squad pulled away after the halftime intermission.

Ed Pittman ’82, a former star player for Vassar, took to the court again.

Brazell joked that all intermissions were welcome, as few players on either team had been playing much full-court basketball lately. “Some of us play some pickup ball on outdoor courts in Manhattan, but they’re much smaller than a full-sized college court,” he said. “We were pretty confident when the game began, but most of us were gassed our third or fourth time down the court.” Erik Lief ’85, the second oldest alum to participate in the game, said he, too, was gasping for breath after a few minutes on the court. “Nobody complained about having a sub sent in,” Lief said.

Camaraderie among the women players didn’t mean it wasn’t “on.”

Chelsea Katzenberg ’08, a point guard for four years while at Vassar, said she had been playing regularly in an adult league in Brooklyn but wasn’t prepared for a full game of full-court basketball in a full-sized gym. During the women’s game, the teams decided to switch to a half-court game after halftime, Katzenberg said. “It was great to be back and see everyone again and run the court, but we were all sore on Sunday,” she said.

Carolyn Crampton ’11, a shooting guard at Vassar for four years, said she was pleased to be part of the camaraderie that has been developing among the women’s teams of the past few years. The alumnae game is enhancing that bond, Crampton said. “It’s something the men’s teams have had for quite a while, and it’s nice to see that developing with the women,” she said.

Alumnae players get reacquainted during halftime.

Ed Pittman ’82, Vassar’s associate dean of the college for campus life and diversity, was the oldest alum to take part in the festivities. Pittman, who scored more than 1,000 points during his two years on the Vassar team, said he was happy to have scored five in Saturday’s game. “At my age [53], you learn to play in spurts,” he said. “The body can’t always do what the mind asks, but it was great to see everybody, and [men’s coach] Del Harris made it fun for all of us.”

Is Pittman looking forward to next year’s game? “I guess,” he says. “As long as I’m here and can walk, I’ll go out there and do as much as my legs let me.”

Women’s alum basketball players

Men’s alum basketball players

--Larry Hertz

Men’s team photos © Vassar College-Stockton Photo, Inc.; women’s team courtesy Coach Candice Brown

Posted by Office of Communications Wednesday, February 13, 2013