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In the Media - December 2012 Roundup

As reported by the New York Times, celebrity stylist and co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear Stacy London ’91 has authored a new book, The Truth About Style, in which she rescues nine leading ladies from a lifetime of fashion faux pas and even comes clean about her own body image insecurities, including personal battles with anorexia while at Vassar and binge eating upon accepting her first job as fashion assistant for Vogue.

Andrew Zolli ’95

Both the Atlantic Cities and Wired magazine spoke with Andrew Zolli ’95, executive director of PopTech and author of Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back, about why it is so important for the world—and all those who inhabit it—to rapidly recover from increasingly turbulent times.

Phyllis Palm ’59

Practicing psychologist Phyllis Palm ’59 appeared on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio via BlogTalkRadio to discuss her memoir Put That Knife Away, which chronicles a true labor of love—consoling and caring for her husband of 22 years ever since he was diagnosed with dementia in 2006.

Ben Mangan ’92

Ben Mangan ’92, president, chief executive officer, and co-founder of EARN, the nation’s top provider of microsavings for low-income families, published an opinion piece on LinkedIn, proclaiming that his “big idea for 2013 is for nonprofits to take a hard look at the way they work—and change it altogether.”

School Library Journal ran a Q&A with Eddie Gamarra ’94, literary manager with the Gotham Group, in which he explains how popular children’s books are adapted into high-grossing films.

English professor Hua Hsu was quoted in the New York Times op-ed “The Meaning of Minority” for ruminating on his curiosities about the imminent racial and ethnic majority-minority shift of 2043, as indicated by the United States Census.

Carla Gomez ’86, outreach coordinator at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, was praised in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article for aiding a Santa Cruz County breast cancer patient in receiving health insurance that would ultimately cover 85 percent of the cost of her mastectomy.

Main Line Media News announced the appointment of Friends’ Central School alumnus Thomas “Max” Bernard ’12 as assistant age group coach and swim school instructor for Friends’ Central Aquatics.

As a way of capturing the profound beauty, simplicity, and unity of his hometown of Newtown, Connecticut, in the aftermath of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, freelance filmmaker Robert Wagnerman ’12 produced a YouTube video tribute, which was further illuminated in the Newtown Bee.

—Compiled by Jared Scott Tesler

Zolli photo © PopTech, Palm photo courtesy of the subject, Mangan ©Vassar College-Alain McLaughlin