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On Campus – November 2012 Preview

Thursday, November 8

The Africana Studies Program presents two lectures by Rev. Jason Lydon: “LGBTQ Communities and the Prison Industrial Complex” and “Introduction to Abolition.”

Saturday, November 10

The Art Department presents a conference on American art.

Sunday, November 11

The Music Department presents a concert by the Vassar College and Community Wind Ensemble, conducted by James Osborn.

Monday, November 12

The French and Francophone Studies Department presents a film screening of Politics of Seduction.

Thomas Beller ’87
Nicholas Platt

Tuesday, November 13

The English Department presents a literary reading by New Yorker writer and Vassar alumnus Thomas Beller ’87 (pictured).

The History Department presents a lecture by Ambassador Nicholas Platt (pictured), who had served as a diplomat in Zambia, the Philippines, and, most recently, Pakistan.

The Religious and Spiritual Life Office presents a lecture by Korean Buddhist nun Sonjae sunim on Buddhist temple food and the Buddhist philosophy of eating.

Wednesday, November 14

The Biology Department presents “Natural History of the Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl,” a lecture by Dr. Glenn Proudfoot, visiting assistant professor at Vassar College, as part of the Biology Department Seminar Series.

Michelle Rossi

The Sociology Department presents “Sociably Sufficing: Girls, White Middle-Class Culture, and the Contemporary Reproduction of Inequality,” a lecture by Ph.D. candidate at the University of California Berkeley Michelle Rossi (pictured).

Thursday, November 15

The Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre performs new works from their 2012-2013 repertoire. Through November 17.

Friday, November 16

The Vassar Greens present a divestment campaign teach-in.

Saturday, November 17

The Music Department presents a concert by the Vassar College Orchestra, conducted by Eduardo Navega.

Sunday, November 18

The Music Department presents “Light Perpetual,” a concert featuring songs about light and death by Purcell, Wood, Morales, Whitacre, Tavener, Byrd, Hancock, and others. Conducted by Drew Minter.

Monday, November 19

The Art Department presents “Flashbacks/Eclipses in Italian Art in the 1960s,” a lecture by Romy Golan, professor of 20th century art in the Ph.D. Program of Art History at the Graduate Center at Lehman College of the City University of New York.

Kevin Davis, “Crow near Sacré-Coeur”

Monday, November 26

The Palmer Gallery presents “Alazanto: Illuminating the Divine Within,” a selection of photographs by Kevin Michael Davis (1982-2010), curated by Tamar Thibodeau. Through December 20.

Wednesday, November 28

The Biology Department presents “How Evolution Shapes the Way (Some) Roboticists Think,” a lecture by Dr. Josh Bongard, associate professor at the University of Vermont, as part of the Biology Department Seminar Series.

Thursday, November 29

UNICEF presents a film screening of Not My Life, a feature-length documentary that exposes the reality of human trafficking and its impact on children.

Friday, November 30

QCVC presents an evening with poet and activist Andrea Gibson.

The Music Department presents a recital of jazz compositions by faculty member Frank Cassara, performed by Cassara (drums and percussion) and guest artists Andrew Sterman (saxophone), Mary Ann McSweeney (bass), and Mick Rossi (piano).

Images courtesy of the subjects.