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Finding the God Particle: Sau Lan Wu '63

Sau Lan Wu '63

Sau Lan Wu '63, the Enrico Fermi Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is a key member of the ATLAS team of physicists at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, whose ongoing research has led to the discovery of a new subatomic particle that may be the elusive Higgs boson ("God Particle").

Many say this is the most significant observation in the field of physics in more than 30 years. Considered the missing link in explaining how matter attains mass, Higgs boson is expected to yield clues about how the universe was formed.

Wu greets physicist Peter Higgs. Courtesy Sau Lan Wu.

Following the historic announcement on July 4, Wu (right, in red) caught up with physicist Peter Higgs (in grey jacket), for whom the particle is named. "I have been looking for you for over twenty years," Wu says she told him. His reply: "Now you have found me."

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Watch the webcast of the press conference from CERN announcing the discovery.