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Class of 1967

Please Note: Data displayed on these pages is up to date as of January 10, 2020. The Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development is migrating databases in the coming months and will refresh these pages during the summer of 2020. If you have questions, please contact Jolee DuBois at (845) 437-5442.

Class Officers & Volunteers

  • Co-PresidentAnn Dinger Dickinson
  • Co-PresidentNancy Sahli
  • Co-CorrespondentKathryn Post Gibson
  • Co-CorrespondentMarcia Sneden
  • Class Fund Co-ChairMarcia Posselt Goldblatt
  • Class Fund Co-ChairSusan Newkirk Wright
  • Class AgentMargha McCarthy Davis
  • Class AgentDana Jean Shell Strand

Find contact information for officers in the Alumnae/i Directory.

In Memoriam

Lost Alumnae/i

  • Jo Ann Weil Brightman
  • J. Sharon Conroy
  • Nancy Corwith
  • Mary Ann Donnelly
  • Dale Dorsett
  • Jenny A. Gerard
  • Ann McCardle Heinz
  • Linda Hillis
  • Evelyn Kanovsky
  • Marjorie Hicks Kirschke
  • Carolyn Knox
  • Constance Krauss
  • Anamaria DeHolt Martini
  • Kathleen McAfee
  • Linda Gale McAndrew
  • Patricia McKee
  • H. Goepp Meech
  • Maria Hoogendoorn Meunier
  • Cherie Ruppe
  • Barbara Seewald
  • Mahbobeh Sheikholislam
  • Mary Daley Silleck
  • Nancy Stay
  • Martha Urrows
  • Rita Wilner Arthur