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Class of 1964

Please Note: Data displayed on these pages is up to date as of January 10, 2020. The Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development is migrating databases in the coming months and will refresh these pages during the summer of 2020. If you have questions, please contact Jolee DuBois at (845) 437-5442.

Class Officers & Volunteers

  • PresidentMargaret Appelbaum Levine
  • Co-CorrespondentChristy Ann Hoffman Brown
  • Co-CorrespondentShirley Melis Hirsch
  • Nominating Committee ChairGail Becker
  • Web MasterSandra Lach Arlinghaus
  • Class Fund ChairRoberta Garson Leis
  • Class AgentSusan McCallum Bledsoe
  • Class AgentDaphne Walter Bransten
  • Class AgentGretchen Smelzer Coffman
  • Class AgentAnne Naftzinger Conroy
  • Class AgentJoanne Bluestone Feuerman
  • Class AgentRoberta Garson Leis
  • Class AgentIrene Piekarski

Find contact information for officers in the Alumnae/i Directory.

In Memoriam

Lost Alumnae/i

  • Mary Taylor Arnold
  • Margaret Mansfield Barnes
  • Jane Baron
  • Linda Burnham
  • Marilyn Ann Moreland Crum
  • Pamela Dodes Felderman
  • Meredith Brooks Hand
  • Stephanie Hiller
  • Prudence Keppel Kupka
  • Maureen McCluskey
  • Julia Hodges Moreau
  • Norma Naimy
  • Judith Pottle
  • Annemarie Raebild Poulsen
  • Hulda Ribordy-Kind
  • Gay Sweet Scott
  • Hallie Ross Solomon
  • Paula Mayhew Stanton
  • Nancy Tilenius
  • Judith Cherrill Wallen
  • Marilyn Arthur Whitfield
  • Judith Wicks
  • Deanne Tetrick Williams
  • Elsa Yannopoulos