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Class of 1961

Please Note: Data displayed on these pages is up to date as of January 10, 2020. The Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development is migrating databases in the coming months and will refresh these pages during the summer of 2020. If you have questions, please contact Jolee DuBois at (845) 437-5442.

Class Officers & Volunteers

  • PresidentMary Louise Venter Briggs
  • Vice-PresidentAnn DiMeo Hargraves
  • CorrespondentPhebe Townsend Banta
  • Class AgentPhebe Townsend Banta
  • Class AgentElizabeth Orton Davis
  • Class AgentJane Levenson
  • Class AgentBryna Horuvitz Sweedler
  • Class AgentClaudia Jo Weber
  • Reunion Co-ChairMargaret Hellie Huyck
  • Reunion Co-ChairOlguita Guardia Smoak

Find contact information for officers in the Alumnae/i Directory.

In Memoriam

Lost Alumnae/i

  • Ruth Adams
  • Demet Aksal
  • Gail Hahn Austin
  • Marianne Duggan Bell
  • Mary Gracia Berehan
  • Jane Atkins Callaway
  • M Christine Cannon
  • Mary Rand De Mott
  • Kathryn Kenney Dee
  • Virginia Crockett Fischer
  • June Glaser
  • Katharine Salter Goodell
  • Courtney Parks Gordon
  • Barbara Gould Jacobs
  • Susan Everitt Kanas
  • Hilary Karpf
  • Hala Umar Kittani
  • Jutta Heubaum Klebert
  • Leigh Larrecq-Van den Heuvel
  • Meribeth Miller Lessells
  • Louise Newman Meyerson
  • Saralynn Clark Molliver
  • Vacharie Naeoboonnian
  • Debra Koskowitz Nussbaum
  • Michele Clarke Royal
  • Judith Pollack Seeger
  • Mary Mote Stephan
  • Linda Perlman Tanner
  • Mirja Unnbom
  • Cynthia Vaughan Urfer
  • Barbara Wohl