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Class of 1953

Please Note: Data displayed on these pages is up to date as of January 10, 2020. The Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development is migrating databases in the coming months and will refresh these pages during the summer of 2020. If you have questions, please contact Jolee DuBois at (845) 437-5442.

Class Officers & Volunteers

  • PresidentCornelia Dettmer
  • Vice-PresidentMargaret Evins Shirley
  • Co-CorrespondentKathaleen Fishback Hempstone
  • Co-CorrespondentRose Kean Lansbury
  • Class Committee MemberSarah Bixby Defty
  • Class Committee MemberRose Kean Lansbury
  • Class Fund ChairBitsie Thompson Clark

Find contact information for officers in the Alumnae/i Directory.

In Memoriam

Lost Alumnae/i

  • Barbara Beardow
  • Yvonne Beaurain Beaurain-Schalin
  • Barbara Lee Hayman Cone
  • Barbara Guidotti Daudy
  • Birgitta Lindblom Hambraeus
  • Elwynne Berger Lewis
  • Anne Marie Foerster Lhotzky
  • Barbro Lindstrom
  • Elizabeth Merrick
  • Mary Ingram Murray
  • Belinda Crossley Nicholl
  • Sarah Williams O'Connell
  • Herma Bette Schiffer
  • Margaret Allen Sedgwick
  • Pearl Sobel
  • Ellen J. Swain
  • Gay Newman Tully
  • Elizabeth Noble Turner