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In the Media

  • Chukwudi Eze ’78 (pictured), author of the book The Return of Half-Something—which was short-listed for the 2018 Association of Nigerian Authors Literary Prize—discussed his book with the Nation.

    Ben Ho, Assistant Professor of Economics, and his research on the value of an apology were mentioned in a Fox News story.

    The music of Mara Connor ’13, including her debut single, “No Fun,” was the subject of a Rolling Stone story and was also included in a segment of Rolling Stone’s “This Week in Music.”

    Andrea Roberts ’96, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, started a project to provide comprehensive documentation of the “Freedom Colonies” in Texas, as noted by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

    Ethnobotanist Maria Fadiman ’91 spoke to Frontier’s “Into the Wild” about her conservation work, her favorite places to travel, and her passion for plants.

    Dr. Stephanie Heck ’95, host of the radio show The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, was interviewed by Chestnut Hill Local.