The 2015 Student Gift

A senior-led philanthropy effort, the Student Gift allows current students to leave a meaningful and lasting impact on the College. It seeks to inspire the spirit of giving in the Vassar community and to improve the College in a way deemed important by those who know it the best.

The Student Gift is…

  • A one-time gift to the College that does not require future funding from the operating budget.
  • One that addresses an existing need of the College while serving as an inspiration to give within the Vassar community
  • As inclusive as possible, allowing for participation and giving opportunities from all levels of giving
  • In line with the mission statement and values of Vassar College

In leading this effort, the Class of 2015 is eager to leave its legacy, but with the support of the entire student body we can set our sights even higher. Anyone interested in serving as a representative of their class on the Student Gift Committee is encouraged to email

Help give back to a place that has given all of us so much and make it even better for future generations of Vassar students! To give, click on the logo in the right hand column or go to

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