The Vassar Fund

Every Gift, Every Year Matters

The Vassar Fund supports every aspect of the College – students, faculty, graduates, facilities and more. Gifts to The Vassar Fund provide direct and immediate support in the year they are given.

On June 21, 1871, the first meeting for the newly established Alumnae Association of Vassar College (AAVC) was held. Addressing a key item on their agenda, the group unanimously voted to establish the Alumnae Scholarship Fund of Vassar College by collecting 50 cents in dues from each member. Alumnae recognized early on that the College was in need of financial assistance to fill the gaps not covered by tuition.

In 1970, as Vassar planned for coeducation, the Alumnae Fund was formally renamed the AAVC Fund. Ten years later, the fund was renamed again, to the Annual Fund, reflecting the urgent need for alums to give every year.

Today, it is referred to as The Vassar Fund in honor of what those gifts support – the entirety of the Vassar educational experience.

Contributions to The Vassar Fund amount to roughly 6% of the college’s annual operating budget, or $3,791 per student. The impact of these gifts is evident everywhere on campus – from the quality of our faculty, to our infrastructure, and the reach of our financial aid.

A gift to The Vassar Fund opens doors for students and sustains the Vassar experience. Every gift is a resounding vote of confidence in our College. Corporations, foundations, prospective students, parents and the world compare Vassar’s alumnae/i participation to that of other colleges. By making a gift to The Vassar Fund, you send a message to the world that Vassar matters to you.

Give Now!

For more information about The Vassar Fund, please contact Robert Rathbun, Assistant Vice President of Development, at (845) 437-5416.

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