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Art and Architecture

Matt Reiniger '05
The Dreaming Wheel
Subject: Showcase of photos, illustrations, and more

Eileen Zyko Wolter '93
it marks the spot
Subject: Art social marketing

Sienna Brown '13, Alyssa Aparicio '11, and Indiana Garcia '11
WildSpice Mag
Subject: Empowering photographs, writing, and other art forms

Community Service and Social Activism

Britt Bravo '91
Big Vision Consulting
Subject: “Helping you realize your big vision in a fun, intuitive & practical way.”

Chelsea Greenwood '13
The World Race
Subject: A Christian missionary program visiting 11 countries in 11 months

Economics and Business

Eryc Eyl '93
Subject: Organizational and personal culture, change, leadership, and more

Brooks Kaiser '91
Subject: Environmental and business economics


Barbara Coward '88
Enrollment Strategies
Subject: MBA marketing and admissions

Betsy Massar '75
Master Admissions
Subject: MBA admissions, programs, and career opportunities

Finn Smith '02
Subject: Education and technology

Dale Mezzacappa '72
The Notebook
Subject: Watchdog reporting on Philadelphia public schools

The Environment

Alexandra Grabbe '69
Wellfleet Today, a Chezsven Blog
Subject: green living on Cape Cod

Food and Farming

Jason Schreiber '04
Subject: Pastry and food styling

Indira Ganesan '82
Subject: gardening, the weather, food, and writing

Liz Crain '82
Food Lover's Guide to Portland
Subject: Food in Portland, Oregon and cookbooks

Natalie Keng '90
Chinese Southern Belle
Subject: Connecting Asian and American southern culture through food

Jasmine Nielson '96
The drunken Fig
Subject: Recipes and writing with fresh ingredients

Lindsey Shapiro '06
Root Mass Farm blog
Subject: Farming

Andrew Zimmern '84
Andrew Zimmern’s Blog
Subject: Food

Health and Fitness

Hayden-William Courtland '99
Science for Fitness
Subject: Science-based fitness, health, and disease

Lisbeth Darsh '87
Words With Lisbeth
Subject: Self motivation and the importance of fitness

Luis Marcial ’02
The Diabeater
Subject: Overcoming type II diabetes and regaining health


Megan Brett '04
A Magpie Historian
Subject: A scholar’s perspective on history

Randolph Hollingsworth '79
Kentucky Women in the Civil Rights Era, University of Kentucky
Subject: the participation of KY women in 20th century civil rights


Andy Towle '89
Towle Road
Subject: Targeted to gay men, but “more than just gay news”

Lifestyle and Pop Culture

Dan Bucatinsky '87
Subject: Family, life, acting, writing, and producing

Hua Hsu, associate professor of English
Subject: Music, sports, literature, art

Kiese Laymon, associate professor of English
Subject: Pop culture and politics

Evan Orensten '88
Cool Hunting
Subject: "innovation and inspiration" in pop culture


(publishing, authors, photography, writing, and more)

Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond '98
People Who Write
Subject: Getting published, sharing information, and writing advice

Emilie McDonald '91
Filmmaker Mama
Subject: The life of a devoted filmmaker who is also the full-time caretaker of her young daughter

Ariel Jastromb '07
Ariel Jastromb Writes Poems
Subject: Poetry

Linda Fairstein '69
Subject: Alex Cooper crime novels

Amitava Kumar, professor
Amitava Kumar
Subject: Writing, publishing

Terry DeRoy Gruber '75
Gruber Photographers Blog
Subject: Photography

Benjy Sarlin '07
Subject: Immigration, elections, and other news topics

Steven Cook '90
From the Potomac to the Euphrates
Subject: Middle East affairs

B. Lynn Goodwin '71
Writer Advice
Subject: Writing, writing resources, contests and markets for writers

Emily Weisgrau '96
Very Short Movie Reviews
Subject: Brief commentary on current films


Eli Spindel '06
SOBlog (The String Orchestra of Brooklyn)
Subject: Music


Corey Jamison '88
Subject: Parenting

Marguerite Elisofon '78
The Never-Empty Nest
Subject: Raising children with special needs and college-aged children

Denise Schipani '88
Mean Moms Rule
Subject: Parenting

Also a freelance writer, author of Mean Moms Rule: Why Doing the Hard Stuff Now Creates Good Kids Later, April 2012


Betsy Connor Bowen '66
The Tilted Liberal
Subject: National and world affairs, writing

Rick Lazio '80
Ignite with Rick Lazio
Subject: Politics, economics, and social issues (includes other contributors)

Leonard Steinhorn '77
Leonard Steinhorn at the Huffington Post
Subject: Politics, current events

Jonathan Karl '90
Twitter @jonkarl
Subject: Notes from ABC News senior political correspondent

Also blogs at ABC News
Subject: Politics


Mark Banschick '78
The Intelligent Divorce, Psychology Today
Subject: Psychiatry, divorce, relationships, parenting

Dara Greenwood, professor
Mirror, Mirror
Subject: (Mis)representations of gender and identity in popular culture

Heather Lowry Quinlan '89
Bluebird Pages
Subject: Relationships, self-esteem, body image


(including the Internet and social media)

Hunter Walk '95
Subject: Technology, business, technology start-ups

Pedro L Rodriguez '05
Subject: Social media and technology

Caterina Fake '91
Subject: Miscellaneous, including tech, from the founder of Flickr and Hunch

Eric Robinson '89
Blog Law Online
Subject: Internet law and policy

Adele Hars '82
Advance Substrate News
Subject: Computer chip technology


Taylor Mosley '15
Subject: Post-graduate journey

Frances Boswell Luard '89
Subject: Food, style, travel, family, and more

Susan Sheu '91
Subject: Personal essays, family, and parenting

Matthew Keith Siemionko '04
Insert Witty Comment
Subject: Personal essays

Rebecca Moore '88
What would the Wertis say?
Subject: commentary on social trends, behavior, cultural differences, and parenting

Lunch in Brooklyn
Subject: middle school in the late '70s as told by a ficticious 8th grader

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